Vector Nitro Torch


Vector Nitro

This multipurpose refillable Vector Nitro torch lighter from the well acclaimed brand Vector generates flames reaching 1300°C (2400°F). Hot enough to melt precious metals; these portable torches have many applications including cooking, welding, electrical repair, and mechanical or auto repair. 

Package Includes:

  • Vector Nitro Torch Flame Lighter - Silver


  • 2 Flame Settings: Torch Flame / Regular Flame
  • Continuous Flame Lock Lever
  • Flame Length Adjustment Lever
  • Safety Lock
  • Easily Refillable w/ Butane


  • Color: Silver
  • Product Size: 5.00” x 2.38” x 7.25” (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 0.84 lb.
  • Burning Time: 90 - 120 Minutes
  • Burning Temp: 1300 C (2400 F)
  • Fuel Capacity: .85 Fluid Oz

Boasting cutting-edge features that you expect from the number one refillable torch brand Nitro, this torch is a must for any business wishing to ignite a flame.

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